Legacy Equestrian Centre Library

Movies and Books availableLibrary books available at Legacy Equestrian Centre- formerly Ashwood Stables

The Saddle Club – The First Adventure DVD
The Saddle Club – The Mane Event DVD
The Saddle Club – Horse Crazy – The new Movie DVD
The Saddle Club – Adventures at Pine Hollow DVD
Black Beauty – WB DVD

Pony Crazed Princess: Princess Ellie Solves a Mystery
Pony Crazed Princess: Princess Ellie’s Mystery
Pony Crazed Princess: Princess Ellie’s Summer Vacation

The Saddle Club: Cutting Horse #56 The Saddle Club: Horse Power #4
The Saddle Club: Starlight Christmas #13
The Saddle Club: Stable Farewell #39
The Saddle Club: Riding Class #52
The Saddle Club: Yankee Swap #50
The Saddle Club: Gold Medal Rider #54
The Saddle Club: Gold Medal Horse #55

library of horse and pony books and dvd at Legacy Equestrian CentrePhantom Stallion: Faraway Filly #10
Phantom Stallion: Galloping gold #11
Phantom Stallion: Snowfire #9
Phantom Stallion: Water Lily #8
Phantom Stallion: Mistwalker #7

Running Horse Ridge: Sapphire: New Horizons #1
Running Horse Ridge: Hercules: A Matter of Trust #2

Horse – The essential guide for young equestrians

Lots and lots of Dick Francis books

Lots and lots of books about:

  • horse care
  • show jumping
  • eventing
  • vaulting
  • training
  • horses
  • training riders
  • Pony Club books
  • sidesaddle
  • veterinary